Monday 3 August 2009


Tomorrow I'm off to the French Alps for a few weeks with a strong team and a big objective - suffice to say despite my recent sport climbing I'll be mainly on photo detail! I'm not expecting any access to a computer, but if I can I'll try to post an update before we get back - lack of RAW editing facility, rather than the internet, is likely to be the stopper, but I'll go for text only if so.

We're travelling out by car so I've got the luxury of packing a good choice of kit, the Mamiya 645 will be in but I doubt it will make it onto the mountain. I've not shot digital on a multi-day mountain trip before (although I went digital three years back now, on the Lotus Flower trip we were looking at twelve days between plug sockets, so I went back to my old OM kit) so it'll be interesting to see what I end up cutting back to and what works best.