Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Font video

Char has put his film of our trip to font up on vimeo. There's a fair bit of me climbing in it, and although I get up a few problems I look rather petulant. All down to Char's editing, amazing what they can do eh? I was made up really...

Some Mid-Grade Classics from alexander char on Vimeo.


Dieselryder said...

great video adam.
nice FLASH

Fiend said...

There does seem to be a certain theme to this video ;).

You know, you might do quite well at this climbing malarkey if you could remember where your chalkbag was...

The first tune on the soundtrack is brilliant and the most suitable track ever for a lads bouldering trip.

Dylan looks quite affable for someone who's so bloody moody on UKB.

Buthiers is great. I skipped Jim on Egg Chefs as I didn't want the beta.